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Women’s Fitness Classes

Come See Why We Are Maryland’s #1 Training Facility For Women’s Fitness



  • Weight loss
  • Increased endurance
  • Higher confidence levels.
  • Stress relief
  • Flatter stomach
  • Improved speed and power


We offer a variety of ways to tone up….

  • Try one of our Women’s Boxing Classes
  • Participate in aerobic workouts
  • Join in on a Boxfit class (a high intensity workout that combines circuit training and non contact boxing workouts to burn the maximum amount of calories in an hour)
  • Strength and Conditioning including legs and core


Feel comfortable training in a “no judgement” zone, with women who have the same goals as you!

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maryI started training at Knockout Fitness about 6 months ago. I love the variety of training methods they offer. I’ve done almost all the classes and also completed two boot camps. I’ve dropped about 14 pounds and 5% body fat. The best part though is that I found a gym that I actually enjoy going to without getting bored or losing motivation. I look forward to each training session as well achieving even more progress.
-Mary Lewis
Knockout Fitness is Baltimore's #1 Boxing & Fitness GymKnockout Fitness has provided tremendous motivation both mentally and physically from day one! The series of exercises are higher in intensity and provide variation while all along I feel comfortable and never intimidated – important aspects of a workout, which most conventional gyms lack. Workouts seem to fly by at Knockout and for the first time I have the energy and drive during a workout. I leave each workout feeling a sense of accomplishment, amazed at what I am capable of. The environment at Knockout Fitness is truly unique; the trainers and staff are friendly, Knockout Fitness is Baltimore's #1 Boxing & Fitness Gympositive and challenge me more each day. I have noticed a significant improvement in my energy level, enthusiasm and my in my body since working out with trainer Chris Nissley. I can honestly say this is by far the greatest and most exciting workout I have ever experienced.
-Frannie Guiou
I was referred by a friend to knockout fitness almost one year ago. I had so much fun hitting the pads that I continued to come back three times a week. After doing boxing, other workouts don’t really excite me. I get pushed pretty hard but I always leave with a sense of accomplishment. I would say training is way of life for me now; i have much healthier habits then before and all around just feel better. I recommend giving it a try to anyone who is looking for a challenge.

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