George’s Amazing Transformation (see how he did it)

//George’s Amazing Transformation (see how he did it)


Date: 2/7/13
Weight: 267 lbs
Body Fat: 28.5%
30 Days
Date: 3/7/13
Weight: 252 lbs
Body Fat: 26%
Date: 8/15/13
Weight: 204 lbs
Body Fat: 17.1%

George Martsoukos is one of our favorite success stories at Knockout Fitness. George came in for personal training¬†back in February of 2013 with absolutely no workout or athletic experience ever. Although he admitted he was very nervous and intimidated to come and try our gym, after a half price trial he signed up for 10 sessions with Jason Nissley at Knockout Fitness. The beginning sessions were used to stretch out and get George’s body adjusted to working out. Also in the early stages they had to customize a diet plan that George would stick to as well as an “at home workout” for George to do on off days. George did everything Jason advised religiously and it paid huge dividends! In his first 30 days George dropped 15 pounds and a few percentages in body fat. And those were just the results you could see. George also did things athletically that he never had done before in his life. Workouts included running agility drills, boxing, weight lifting, explosive training, and many others. Through his personal training and sticking to the diet that Jason had wrote out George began to lose a lot of weight and his body fat percentage ultimately dropped over 10%. Today George weighs 204 pounds and is at 17% body fat. Not only that but Georges’ entire life has changed. He has confidence that did not exist before. He is physically and mentally stronger then ever and is completely focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Throughout Georges’ transformation he has experienced other benefits as well. He has a better attitude in general and is able to function better when dealing with family, friends, and work. His life has literally changed and people can notice the difference in him physically and personally.

There is also one more very powerful piece to this testimonial. After about 3-4 months of training at Knockout Fitness George thanked Jason for his help and expressed that he would be switching gyms to find something closer to where he lived. After departing from Knockout Fitness George tried two different gyms that came highly recommended. However George could not stay motivated nor did experience the same atmosphere and benefits he had enjoyed at Knockout. So one month later George came back in and paid for 6 months of personal training in advance. George is back at training with Jason and looking great. We congratulate George on all his success and we can tell you it couldn’t of happened to a better person!

Perhaps like George you have put your health in the back burner and procrastinated making your health a priority. Or maybe you lack the motivation or are simply nervous and intimidated to get started. Well at Knockout Fitness we are offering a free consultation where we will take your weight and body fat, then we will make a fitness recommendation that you can do from your home and we will also provide you with a meal plan. All this comes free of charge and with no strings attached. We challenge you to get started on your new life style today. Pick up the phone and call 443-703-9260, and we will set you up with your free evaluation. No matter what your current fitness/health situation is we can recommend options to help you. Also, this service is completely free so there is no excuse to put it off any longer. Call us now 443-703-9260


George Martsoukos Testimonial


“I have nothing but good things to say about Jason Nissley and Knockout Fitness. When I started training with Jason, I had no real workout experience and lived a very sedentary life while I wasn’t working. I was never an athlete, not even close. I couldn’t even do a single push up.

The combination of HIIT, plyometrics, weight training and boxing always kept things fresh and never left me bored during our sessions. Jason also tailored our workouts to my weaknesses and strengths. If I couldn’t do a specific exercise he would come up with a springboard exercise to help me overcome. If he saw I was strong at another, he would throw something harder at me. That type of custom workout and undying attention is priceless.

Over the 14 weeks I spent with Jason, he constantly challenged me to be better at whatever we were doing. He always pushed me that extra inch, that extra rep or just one more punch. The results have paid off immensely.

Since starting, I have lost 48 lbs and 10% body fat. I ran my first 5K and can do pushups and so much more.

I would recommend Jason Nissley to anyone looking to change their life regardless of their background or starting point.”



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