Jason Nissley
Born & Raised: Baltimore
Favorite Food: Anything involving meat
Pump Up Music: Some old school DMX
Pet Peeve: Eating things past the sell by date
Favorite Muscle to Work: Abssssssss
Fun Fact: I love cats
Instagram: @jasonnissley
Training Specialty: Boxing, sports related training, strength & conditioning, weight training, weight loss and nutrition
What to Expect During a Workout Session: Expect to be pushed and motivated to a new level. My goal is to expose weaknesses and develop them into strengths. The workout will be custom to whatever your goal may be. I will use a variety of methods to achieve this goal such as boxing, TRX, resistance bands, medicine balls and kettle bells.
Chris Nissley
Born & Raised: Baltimore
About Me: Founding partner/trainer of Knockout Fitness, which opened in 2012. Also founder of Knockout Nutrition in 2016.
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Muscle to Work: Arms
Instagram: @chrisnissley
Pump Up Music: Rocky soundtrack, Rick Ross, 50 cent
Training Specialty: Boxing, wrote a certification program to teach boxing and fitness to other trainers. USA Boxing Certified & Licensed Professional Coach.
Quote: “Hardwork doesn’t have to be witnessed, time exposes everything.”
Other: I promote boxing matches and have supported many charities including BARCS, Ulman Cancer Fund, and American Breast Cancer Foundation.
Pat Cremen
Born & Raised: Baltimore
Favorite Food: Pasta
The Perfect Day: relaxing on a beach with my wife
Pump Up Music: Rage against machine or MGK
Favorite Muscle to Work: shoulders
Fun Fact: I have 2 English bulldogs, I love to travel the world and I enjoy shooting dice
Quote: “Go hard or go home.”
Walter Maxfield Jones
Born & Raised: Sacramento, CA
Favorite Food: Caribbean Food
Pump Up Song: Encore, Jay-Z
Instagram: @WhatWaltCanDo
Pet Peeve: Getting hit… Lol
Favorite Muscle To Work: The Mind… Chest and Back
Fun Fact: I’m an artist at heart
Awards: 2004 Amateur Tournament Winner – Sugar Ray Leonard Gym
Training Specialty: Boxing, Speed and Agility
Quote: “Amateurs work hard until they get it right. Professionals work hard until they can’t get it wrong.”
A.J. Williams (Kidd)
Born & Raised: Bethany Beach, DE
Favorite Food: Crab Cakes
Pump Up Song: Renegade, Jay-Z ft Eminem
Pet Peeve: Squeezing the toothpaste near the nozzle
Favorite Muscle To Work: Shoulders
Fun Fact: Avocados are gross
Awards: 2010 Boxing All American at Penn State
Training Specialty: Boxing, Weight Training
Quote: “People don’t train and play sports because it’s fun. Ask any athlete, most of them hate it, but they couldn’t imagine their life without it. They live for the competition, they live for the friends, the practices, the memories, the pain, it’s who they are. It’s who we are. WE ARE ATHLETES…”
Jeff Gooding
Born & Raised: Baltimore
Favorite Food: Pop Tarts
Pump Up Song: Work by A$AP Rocky
Favorite Muscle To Work: Back
Awards: 2012 PJ Schaffer Scholarship Award winner, 2013 All State MD-JUCO Lacrosse Player, 3x Honor Society Student in Exercise Science
Training Specialty: Strength and Conditioning, Boxing, Body Composition management
Quote: “Knowledge is Power.”
Jerome Featherstone
Born & Raised: Baltimore
Favorite Food: Don’t have one. I love to eat!
Weakness: Fried Chicken
The Perfect Day: Waking up
Pet Peeve: Turning on the heat in the car while the window is cracked open
Favorite Muscle to Work: Brain
Fun Fact: Wrestled since age 4 to become a Division 1 wrestler at Oklahoma University. #Sooner. Coached over 8 yrs at the top high schools in MD. Coached over 5 yrs in the Maryland Junior Wrestling League. 1st yr Amateur Golden Glove Boxing Champion in 2013. 2-0 record as a Professional Boxer 2015 and 2016.
Ron Zwolak
Born & Raised: Born in North Carolina raised in D.C.
Favorite Food: Jerk Chicken/ Reese’s Cups
Pump Up Song: Gangsta S#%T!
Pet Peeve: People who can’t control their dog
Favorite Muscle To Work: Back Baby!
Fun Fact: When I’m not training humans I train dogs
Instagram: Working on it..
Training Specialty: Boxing, Kickboxing, Self-defense, Martial Arts, Sport performance, Functional Training, Injury prevention, corrective exercise, strength training.
What to Expect During a Workout Session: You can’t expect this!
Diana Fornaris
Born & Raised: Chicago
Favorite Food: Hot & spicy salmon that Ron makes
Pump Up Music: 90s hip hop for sure
Pet Peeve: When people drive crazy slow in the left lane
Favorite Muscle to Work: The mind and the booty!
Fun Fact: I learned how to salsa dance in Cuba
Instagram: @dfornaris
Training Specialty: Boxing, strength training, dance, weight management, and lifestyle management
What to Expect During a Workout Session: Expect a lot of challenge, a lot of laughs, and a lot of consideration about you as a person and your strengths/weaknesses. I encourage my clients to train like a fighter so they can feel like a fighter outside of the gym. I am a firm believer that boxing is therapy!


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