Women’s Self Defense Workshop

//Women’s Self Defense Workshop

Knockout  Fitness presents “Women’s Self Defense Workshop”

This will be a 2-3 seminar on danger avoidance and basic self defense maneuvers. In the tragic event you find yourself being abducted, attacked, or under physical duress we teach a very particular system and method  to help you escape safely. Sadly to say, even in the places you feel most safe, women are constantly at risk and our a target for assailants . Too many times we’ve heard stories on the news or from our friends about women being attacked, robbed, or physically harmed. Contrary to popular belief these attacks these attacks often happen in places where women feel the safest.

The good news is that there are several things you can do to avoid putting yourself in harms way to begin with. In the event that you can not avoid the situation we provide you with a step by step system on how to remove yourself from danger and get out safely. Ron Zwolak a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do, Arnis, and Harmonic Combative Martial Arts teaches the “Shock Factor System” to avoid danger and execute self defense. Ron brings over 10 years of experience in teaching self defense and his seminars are absolutely amazing. During the workshop you will be giving information and tips to avoid danger and prevent yourself from being a “target” in the eyes of an attacker. You will also be taught basic strikes and how and where to deliver them. We also cover how to break and escape the most common holds and grips. We even offer information on how to create escape routes and when the best time to use them is. In this women”s self defense class you will be giving all the tools you need keep yourself far from danger and the tactics to escape an attack. This workshop is useful no matter what age, weight, or fitness level you are at.

The workshop will take place at Knockout Fitness (1108 Light St. Baltimore Md 21230) on August 17th from 2:30-5. There is a capacity of 25 people for the workshop which will be a first come first serve basis. Cost of the workshop is only $35 dollars compared to the usual fee of $55. To register please call 443-703-9260 and remember there is limited spots available so call soon.

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