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Class Schedule:

5:45pm Boxfit
6:45pm Boxing 101
6:45pm Advanced Boxing
6:00am Boxfit
12:00pm Boxfit
5:45pm Boxfit
6:45pm Boxing 101
6:45pm Intro (appt. only)
12:00pm Boxfit
5:45pm Boxing 101
6:45pm Boxfit
6:45pm Intro (Appt. Only)
6:00am Boxfit
12:00pm Boxfit
5:45pm Boxing 101
6:45pm Boxfit
12:00pm Boxing 101
6:00pm Boxift
10:00am Intro (Appt. Only)
10:00am Boxfit
11:00am Blitz
11:00am Advanced Boxing


Class Descriptions:

Boxing 101 is a total body workout where basic boxing techniques and fundamentals are taught. The new boxing 101 will concentrate on ten basic skill sets focusing on a different skill set each week. These skill sets will be combined with various full body workouts to ensure a high calorie burning session!

Boxfit is our “anything goes” class. Our trainers are constantly changing up your workout with circuits, boxing, kettle bells, dumbbells, TRX, resistance bands, and more – the goal is the sweat and tone up. Although all the classes are full body workouts, Mondays and Thursdays will have a focus on upper body, Tuesdays and Fridays will have a focus on lower body, and Wednesdays and Saturdays will have a focus on core and cardio.

Advanced Boxing is our most comprehensive boxing class. Once a member has mastered the basic skill sets in Boxing 101 they can proceed to Advanced Boxing where they will be taught different and more complexed boxing techniques and fundamentals.

Boxing Boot Camp is a boot camp style workout. Our award winning boot camp has now been brought to in class form! This class may have a lot of outdoor elements (weather permitting). Workouts will include calisthenics, circuit training, agility and running, resistance bands, core work, speed ladders, and of course – boxing!

Blitz is one of our crowd favorite classes! Blitz is back and better than ever. An intense 45-minute workout designed to help you track performance gains and improvement. All month you will compete a course as fast as possible with the goal of beating your time from the beginning of the month.

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