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Class Schedule:

5:15pm Surefit
6:15pm Fight Club
7:15pm Advanced Boxing
6:00am Boxfit
12:00pm Boxing 101
5:15pm Fun.Fit.Female
6:00pm Fight Club
6:45pm Intro (appt. only)
6:00am Fight Club
12:00pm Boxfit
5:15pm Surefit
6:15pm Fight Club
6:45pm Boxing 101
6:00am Boxfit
12:00pm Surefit
5:30pm Fun.Fit.Female
6:30pm Fight Club
12:00pm Fight Club
6:00pm Boxfit
9:30am Fight Club
10:30am Surefit
10:30am Intro (appt only)
11:30pm Advanced Boxing

Class Descriptions:

Fight Club: A boxing fitness class with an electrifying environment! As you punch bags and complete strength and conditioning moves you will be stimulated by LED lights, draw motivation from compelling footage & upbeat hip hop music. This is a class unlike any other!

Boxfit: A high paced class designed for burning calories and toning up. We utilize all training methods including, but not limited to TRX, Kettle bells, Circuit Training, and HIIT. Since boxing is our niche, we frequently throw boxing into the workout as well, hence the name: Boxfit

Surefit: A class focused on muscle endurance with less cardio. Moves are geared to building lean muscle, utilizing weights, bands, kettle bells, & TRX, which in turn will help burn fat. This class steps out of the box of traditional methods of training and provides a more unique workout. 

Boxing 101: A total body workout where basic boxing techniques & fundamentals are taught. Everytime you come you will be taught a new technique & more importantly, you will be taught properly. We manage to keep your heart rate and punch count up the entire class!

Fun.Fit.Female: A class for the ladies! FFF will incorporate cardio, core, and of course the booty! A quick 45 minute class that will hit you hard and get you in shape fast.

Advanced Boxing: Our most comprehensive boxing class. Once a member has mastered the basic skill sets in Boxing 101, they can proceed to Advanced Boxing where they will be taught new and more complex techniques and fundamentals.

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