“I love the fun and vibrant vibe of this gym! AJ taught our boxing class and helped keep me motivated throughout with his positive energy! He also helped to correct my form! I highly recommend knockout!”

– Sabre L.

“First of all

I wanna give this gym 10/10. I had my first training intro class with Chris. He was a great motivator. The facility is beautiful. Old school with elements of cross fit there. And it caters to athletes of all skill levels. Casual to champ.

He took me thru the ropes (no pun intended) as an inexperienced fighter but made it feel natural. Your blood will get pumping. I hate running for cardio but this is an excellent alternative for an hour. Mentally and physically challenging. Chris was patient being I was the only one with him this morning I got exclusive training throwing punches and working out. Give it a try. I loved every second. He says I’m a natural lol. He was detailed and everything was planned out well.

Backstory on me:

I started out late 2016 at 300 lbs. I lost over 30 lbs the past year lifting weights and made tremendous gains, but that’s no longer a challenge. So I picked boxing to help trim weight. Knockout fitness is close, affordable and I can’t say enough great things. Music was pumping. It took me to failure which is what I look for after every workout.

If you’re interested in learning to fight or for general fitness I highly recommend them. I plan to mix this in with my workouts. #noshirtall2018.”

– Dee M.

“Today was my first time at the gym. I came for the 12:00 Boxing and Bowls class. Got a great workout and had fun!!! Also won a 5 class pass at the end 😉. Will definitely be back soon!”

– Christine H.

“I’ve done every workout imaginable; lifting weights, spin classes, basketball and even have done some competitive amateur boxing/kick boxing ANDDD the workout I get every time at Knockout Fitness is head and shoulders above anything I have done. If your looking to get in shape and live in the Federal Hill area STOP making excuses and STOP messing around and go sign up! You wont be disappointed.”

– Brendan C.

“Awesome, I had a great time. Chris is awesome and skillful instructor. I took the free class last night and I was hooked. No pain, no gain. Come on out and join us.”

– Deborah C.

“12 students and instructors from Blind Industries and Services of Maryland attended an introductory session today and had a great time! The instructors Ron, Diane, Rob and Jerome were all super helpful and lots of fun!”

– Pam G.

“All of the trainers are great and very helpful. It’s an awesome gym and everyone there is willing to take time to help/answer your questions. They have excellent meal plans according to what type of diet you’re looking for. I recommend this for everyone who’s interested in boxing.”

– Edward M.

“Amazing!! These Knockout boys really know what they are doing and the workouts are totally worth the pain! I am already seeing results! “

– Jeannette S.

“Best workout ever. Knowledgeable and supportive trainers, great classes and personal training. You’ll transform your body! I highly recommend Knockout Fitness.”

– Julie R.

“I was tired of running on the treadmill and taking the same classes each week. I was looking for a change in my routine and Knockout Fitness was just what I was looking for! Classes get right to the point and have you sweating within the first 5 minutes. Nothing says stress relief like punching a bag!”

– Laura D.

“Knockout Fitness is hands down the best gym in Baltimore. If you have ever gotten bored going to the conventional gyms like Golds/Merritt, then you owe it to yourself to give this place a try. The classes are always a total body workout and the trainers make you want to push yourself.”

– Brandon V.

“Workouts are hard but super fun!!!! (Totally addicting) The only workout that will truly give you the body you want. I recommend Knockout Fitness to anyone looking to lose weight!”

– Mary K.

“Full body workout every class, something different every class, and when you leave you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Very fun and friendly environment, I’d recommend this to anyone looking for something beyond 45 minutes on the elliptical.”

– Scott S.

“Went in for my free trial, and signed up for a year after the first session. I’m far from lazy but need motivation. Knockout Fitness in Baltimore is beyond welcoming and gives you that extra push we all need to work harder to get the results we want.”

– Dustin P.

“It’s rather simple. Three months, 2x a week, no dieting, and nothing else added – I’ve lost 15 lbs. Aside from the results, the trainers are awesome and I have never had the same work out twice.”

– Max R.

“I signed up for the trial class and had a great workout last night. The trainers were really nice and informative. They kept me on point and motivated. Can’t wait to go back for the next round!!!”

– Melody T.

“Best workout anywhere. Knockout Fitness classes are great for any fitness level, and have visible improvements on strength and physique. The trainers are really nice and encouraging but definitely push you to work hard–really hard.”

– Nisha S.

“I started as a personal training client a year ago. I began with one session a week and within two weeks was up to four sessions because I was so excited about the changes I was seeing. The trainers were so dedicated to my fitness and overall well-being.”

– Athena K.

​“I got a great work out & had a lot of fun at Knockout Fitness. I have an ankle injury & was offered modifications. I highly recommend sweating here!”​

– Briana W.

“Great trainers lead fun and challenging classes. Fantastic prices if you are willing to commit and get the most out of them by purchasing a long-term discounted membership. Definitely recommend this gym!”

– Addison J.

“This place absolutely changed my life, physically and mentally. They always keep you on your toes, they push you to go that extra mile every class, and help to build confidence you never knew you had. I started 6 months ago, I lost 25 pounds, and I’m in the best shape in my life.”

– Aaron S.

“The gym might seem intimidating at first, but the friendly instructors and members make it the perfect place for all fitness levels. In 9 months I have not had the same workout twice, and all of the workouts push me incredibly hard for the entire hour.”

– Melissa G.

“This place made working out “FUN”, it was an awesome experience, the instructors were helpful and patient, the energy was outta this world.. This was definitely not the experience I expected (I thought I would be in tears) I woke up this morning still pumped!!”

– Ronni D.

“I absolutely love working out at KF! I always hated the conventional gym (running on a treadmill is the most boring workout EVER). It’s a tough workout but also fun at the same time! And they actually teach proper boxing technique, other gyms don’t know what they’re doing!”

– Kira P.

“I get so bored with doing the same routine at the gym. Knockout Fitness opened and I decided to try it out since it’s close to my house. The workouts are intense, but really great. There is something for everyone – whether you are in great shape, or just starting to work out for the first time.”

– Alexandria P.