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What Makes Us Different? What Value Do We Offer…

Why Fitness? Why do you workout? What do you aim to achieve? What do you want from it? At the end of the day we find ourselves in search of similar characteristics: we want something inspiring, something provoking, energizing, exhilarating, empowering and rewarding. Do you find your motivation in Yoga? Crossfit? Kettlebells? Ever thought of Boxing? What if you could do it all? At Knockout Fitness, you can.
Since our opening in 2012, Knockout Fitness has evolved into much more than a traditional boxing fitness center. We fill the void. We create exciting, engaging, invigorating and fun ways to sweat. Through Circuit Training, Crossfit, Kettlebell, Nutrition Solutions, Personal Training, Meal Preparation, Detox classes and more, we offer solutions for every individual, of every condition level, in a clean, friendly & welcoming environment.
Many gyms have joined the ‘boxing-craze bandwagon,’ attempting to offer & teach classes with little to no actual, relevant experience or certification. Would you ask the football coach to teach the soccer team? Our fitness professionals possess the qualified, certified training and proper schooling necessary for correctly teaching programs and techniques, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of each of our members.
We believe in our mission. As a result, we have cultivated a strong, supportive community of individuals with paralleled goals and interests. Our Free Trial Program represents the confidence we have in our facility. At Knockout Fitness, we can truly say we offer a one of a kind, incapable of being duplicated service and are assured in leading as the new industry standard!

Personal Training

We treat each private training session as a contract for us to assist you in achieving your goals. We have a proven history of helping clients reach their full potential and seeing fast results.

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Boxing Classes

We offer boxing classes for all abilities, from first timer to professional. We develop an individualized boxing training program for each of our clients, and help them reach their goals.

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Womens Fitness

Our “no-judgment” zone offers a comfortable area for all abilities. Within just weeks you will begin to experience weight loss, increased endurance, higher confidence levels, and more.

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Baltimore Boot Camps

Baltimore’s premier Fitness Boot camp, run by the trainers of Knockout Fitness. Baltimore Boot Camp is great for expedited results especially in weight loss and muscle gain.

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