Member Appreciation Week

Happy 10 Years to Knockout! We are celebrating all week long with fun fitness events!

Weekly Themed Classes: FREE for Members, $15 for Non-Members / Membership Discounts ALL WEEK

  • Monday – Bring a Friend FREE (FREE Event) Who doesn’t like working out with a friend?! Grab a friend and prepare for a kick-ass class filled with strength, conditioning, and of course, boxing. If your friend has questioned giving boxing a shot, now is the time. Take advantage of this free opportunity to show your friend what we are all about. Everyone is a BEGINNER when they walk through the door, step outside your comfort zone and learn something NEW. After the class, sign up for a Membership or Classpack, we are offering exclusive discounts that day only! #JoinTheFight
  • Tuesday – Turn-Up Tuesday – Come grind a full-body, 45-minute interval workout to increase your strength, endurance, and toughness followed by complimentary beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). This is the perfect opportunity to sip, mix & mingle, and meet new friends!
  • Wednesday – Mittwork X Latin Remix – This class is ALL ABOUT THE HANDS – our trainers will hold mitts and take you through boxing techniques and power punches! You will feel like a total bad ass! Punch to the beat of latin-style music including Pitbull, Shakira, Daddy Yankee, Enrique Inglesias, and other popular latin party remixes.
  • Thursday – Throwback Thursday Glow Party – We are throwing it back to the 90s & early 2000s. Dress in WHITE to GLOW and be ready to box with Biggie, Tupac, DMX, old school EMINEM, and many other 90s/2000s stars! Glow sticks provided. We will be taking full advantage of increased heart rates and vibrant, glowing colors!
  • Friday – KO Movie Lock-In – Grind with us for a 45 minute full body burn and start your weekend with a community movie night – bring your sleeping bag/blanket and get comfy as we watch a movie on the big projector screen! Popcorn and light refreshments provided. Movie to begin at 7pm.
  • Saturday – Hunger Games Spirit Day – Who’s up for a little playful competition? Bring your A-Game and be ready to pump up your teammates. Knockout Fitness thrives on community and fellowship. Get excited for a fun calorie burn, and enjoy fitness challenges, games and more!

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