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Let's Slay Ladies!

Slay Tribe is a 5-week women’s transformation program that is geared to make you stronger, leaner, confident, and badass with a fool proof, no excuse plan. Each participant will be working out consistently 3-5 times each week. The various workouts will be in person, written home workouts, and virtual. The in person workouts will be the meat and potato of the program; each workout will be tailored towards building strength and endurance through circuit training using various exercise equipment.

Every week you will progress more and more through precise programming that will emphasize corrective exercising and you WILL receive personal attention from your trainer. Every participant should expect to gain knowledge and confidence.

There will be a private Facebook group to hold you accountable and to help build a community with everyone in the Slay Tribe.  There will be daily tips, recipes, and workouts posted. Also, the Facebook group is aimed for open communication and everyone is encouraged to chime in and lift each other up.

In order to track your progress there will be body measurements and fitness assessments used to see your results. The main goal of this program is for YOU to feel stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. YOU should feel and YOU can slay anything put your way!


  • Dates: February 2 – March 6
  • Pricing: $240
  • Class Schedule: Tuesday (In-Person Class at Knockout Towson): 5:45-6:45 AM, Thursday (Virtual Via Zoom) 5-5:30 PM, Saturday (In-Person Class at Knockout Towson): 9-10 AM
  • Trainer: Hope Regalbuto


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Let’s Slay Ladies!

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